SunEnergy Warehouse – A Division of Global Flags Unlimited, LLC

SunEnergy Warehouse is a source for solar panels, batteries for solar use, the newest and most efficient LED bulbs and individual residential solar power units. SunEnergy Warehouse evolved from involvement of Global Flags Unlimited, LLC with light bulbs and solar energy relating to its invention, the Flagpole Beacon, which addresses the issue of flagpole lighting in a green world.

In an effort to reduce its energy use, more efficient and lower wattage LED bulbs are now used. These provide longer life and require less energy to operate than standard incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs.

In an effort to reduce the carbon footprint even further, a solar version naturally followed. This required obtaining solar panels and batteries for solar use.

These new LED bulbs, batteries and solar panels brought an opportunity to provide new bulb technology and solar technology on a larger scale to the public at large. These can be purchased through our online store or call 800-962-0956 for consultation and quotes.

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